Track: Revenge of the Tikoy – A Little Mutant Lounge Music

space lounge image. Revenge of the Tikoy blog post

I’ve always been fascinated by those tiny, tinny drum patterns from classic toy keyboards such as the Casio VL-1. I certainly remember rocking out to cheesy MIDI cha-cha and salsa patterns and fondly recall trying to get my high school garage rock band to play Matt Bianco’s “Half A Minute” while on a Yamaha PSR keyboard. (No luck there!) Suffice to say: all of that is the inspiration for this track called “Revenge of the Tikoy.”

Describing the Music

It’s a little IDM (intelligent dance music) and alien space cha-cha mixed with crackly breaks for a future jazz/faux-retro vibe from the 30th century. And horns. Let’s not forget the horns. And of course, galactic seagulls cawing at you. This is my mutant lounge music.

What is Tikoy?

About the title, “Tikoy” is the Philippine term for the Chinese sticky rice cakes (Nian gao) served during Chinese New Year. Now imagine all those rice cakes rising up in rebellion, never wanting to be eaten again, and you might just see a little of the madness in my head.

This track is from the album Auris Cibum, which I released back in July 30, 2015. Download it for free.


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