Creativity Lessons from a Nine-Year Old Boy and His Cardboard Arcade

A photo of Caine and his homemade cardboard arcade

Remember as a kid how you’d create fantasy worlds to play in, makeshift toys from paper and plastic, imaginary friends, and cardboard accessories for your adventures? You didn’t need much, right? You made do with what you had because there was nothing else. But also because the adventure was more important than the paraphernalia.

Nine-year old Caine Monroy built an entire game arcade out of cardboard boxes, tape, brown paper bags, calculators and string — because he wanted to own and manage his very own arcade. And that goal pushed him toward a creative endeavour that fulfilled his artistic need. In the end, it brought warmth and happiness to many.

Watch the short video. It’s only 10 minutes long but is a heart-warming story of hope and creativity. It’s great to see that imagination (and entrepreneurialism) are still alive in kids everywhere. (And yes, even in you reading this right now.)

Life lesson learned:

  • You don’t need much more than a “cardboard box” to create your art, whether it’s poetry or a progressive house track.
  • You don’t need all the fancy expensive tools which all the “experts” say you should buy. Not Pro Tools or Reason or FL Studio, not even the latest laptop.
  • All you need is an ounce of imagination and whatever you have at hand.

If in the end others celebrate your art with you, consider it a bonus. You made it because it had to be made. Not because you sought acclaim. Or had to submit it for your paycheck. You made your art primarily for the sheer joy of creating. And so should it always be.

Visit the website for more details, and if you want, you can donate a dollar to Caine’s college education:


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