New Track: Tributary

Illustration- Haeckel's Jungle River, Ceylon

Tributary is basically a house music track done with some jazzy percussion, latin keyboard and bass parts and mixed in with some floating pads and ethnic male chants. Composed using Reason software. I imagine a raindance in the middle of a busy urban area. But that’s just me. This track has been in my computer for some years but never released. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe I’m just waiting for a good collection of songs that fit well together.

World music has always fascinated me. From the pygmy chants of Deep Forest to the Middle Eastern-influenced tracks of Dead Can Dance, to the world fusion of Grace Nono, there’s always been a soft spot in my musical heart for tunes that transport you to ancient cultures or give you a glimpse into foreign lands. No wonder then that when I get my hands on digital music-making tools, the sounds I immediately concoct lend themselves very easily to the fusing of modern and ethnic genres. That’s the beauty of composing with samplers: you get entire palettes of sound you wouldn’t normally be able to coax out of a single instrument, no matter how much of a virtuoso you were.

How about you — what music do you naturally tend towards when you hit the record button? Hit the comments below and tell me.

Photo credits: Photo of “Haeckel: Jungle River, Ceylon” taken from ragesoss on Flickr.


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