Track: Happyland

Happyland! Photo by Ingorr on Flickr.

Here’s a morose introspection in A-minor, quickly escalating into frenzy. The track has some 70s clavinet with whip-cracking percussion, glitchy background and swirly washes of synths. It starts out as downtempo, but then becomes funky. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a truly sad tune or one that weaved funky dance beats in between the emo phrases, so I did both.

Influenced by musical acts: Air and Plone. This is the soundtrack of a cold, conflicting, melancholic Northern California. It is also the name of a real, honest-to-goodness street in the city I live in.

This was created using Propellerheads Reason after watching a whole lot of sad indie films such as The Virgin Suicides.


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