Acid42 Talks at DigitalMedia Fest 2001

Acid42 at DMF2001 with Karlo Samson supporting.

Event date: October 2001

I was asked to give a talk at the University of the Philippines’ Fine Arts college during their first digital media festival in 2001. The topic? Using software to create digital music. I demonstrated the program Acid Pro in front of a live audience. In attendance was Karlo Samson, who assisted me with live electronics and sampling. We lugged my entire desktop PC to the venue and had a fun time showing the room what we do for fun.

Excerpt from the DIGITAL MEDIA FESTIVAL 2001 brochure:

Though the Festival focused on video-based and web-based works, Lasay made room for audio with a live electronic music session conducted by Lionel Zivan Valdellion (sic), online content editor of Valdellion (sic) illustrated the use of Acid Pro a digital audio compositing program similar to Photoshop where an image is composed by manipulating its various layers.

Acid42 at DMF2001

Get the Catalog [dead link as of 2008] of the Digital Media Festival 2001 (1.07mb PDF)


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