Video for Emorej’s “Stars (Acid42 WorldMix)” and Pray for His Recovery

Emorej (aka Jerome Llama) took my lyrics and set it to a beautiful melody. I then took the vocal track and constructed a mournful worldbeat track with a little drum-n-bass in the chorus. This worldbeat/ethnotronica remix was produced using Acid Pro and some VSTi’s. I posted the track back in 2009. As I recall, Emorej loved it.


Remix: Ciudad’s Love Song for David Grohl

Several years back, the quirkily entertaining Philippine indie band Ciudad released an album with the affectionate title: Is That Ciudad? Yes, Son It’s Me. My favorite track was easily an acoustic ballad with Ciudad asking (former Nirvana drummer and now Foo Fighters leader) Dave Grohl to please return to drumming instead of playing guitar. The title of the track? “That Guy from Nirvana is Now With Foo Fighters.” Here’s my unofficial remix of their track.


Remix: Christina Aguilera’s Aint No Other Man (Acid42Mix)

Back in 2006 (I think), I put together a remix of Christina Aguilera’s “Aint No Other Man.” The acapella track was well done, inspiring me to sequence a some bouncy beats and semi-aggressive synth lines. I put the mp3 up on Imeem a while back but since Imeem’s been bought by MySpace, the playlists haven’t returned. So here it is again. Where it belongs. Enjoy!


New Remix: Kylie Minogue – Slow (Acid42 BigBeatMix)

Here’s a big beat remix for Kylie Minogue’s smash hit of 2005 (?) “Slow.” I made it using Acid Pro 5, and a whole bunch of loops and VSTi’s. I’ve always had an affection for her music. Possibly it’s the beats in her tracks, but also it’s the perky personality of the singer. Gotta love someone with the panache to move her career from “Locomotion” all the way to “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.”