Everything WIll Be OK

New Track: Everything Will Be OK

“Everything Will Be OK” is a gloomy little tune that spouts optimistic lyrics — but has nothing bright or sparkly supporting any of the vocals. Even the melody is in a minor key. The vocal melody line is taken straight from a dream I had back in 2007. I woke up with the tune in my head and sat down at the computer right away to get it recorded into my Reason software.


New Track: Tributary

Tributary is basically a house music track done with some jazzy percussion, latin keyboard and bass parts and mixed in with some floating pads and ethnic male chants. I imagine a raindance in the middle of a busy urban area. But that’s just me. This track has been in my computer for some years but never released. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe I’m just waiting for a good collection of songs that fit well together.

Cocolulu - 8-Bit Love album cover

Collaboration with Cocolulu on the “Panda Extravaganza” Remix

Manila-based musician Cocolulu (AKA Spazzkid)(aka Mark Redito) is releasing an E.P. on my QED RECORDS, and one of his compositions “Panda Extravaganza” caught my ear so to speak. I felt like doing a remix, but he lost his assembly files and only has the final MP3 of the song. So, I built up his track from scratch using Reason, and played with the sounds a bit, and then sent the file to him. Cocolulu added on to it some more and moved sections around. I got the file back and added a few more touches.