The Trick to Translating

In the past few months, whenever I’ve been able to grab a few minutes, I’ve worked on some Filipino songs for Acid42. Things I’ve realized: composing lyrics and music in Filipino is pure gut feel. You create using your gut and the end result usually comes out strangely honest. You can’t hide behind fancy twists of phrase. Or at least, I can’t. And because I haven’t written in Filipino in years, it felt strange at first. But afterwards, it just started flowing more naturally than ever.

Concept: Electronic Mass of Light in G-Major

I have always loved classical music created with the Mass format in mind. Bach, Beethoven and Mozart had magnificent works which followed the Mass proper in Latin: Introit, Kyrie, Gloria, Alleluia, Agnus Dei, etc. And this intrigued me as a composer of liturgical music, and now, as a producer of electronic music.

So why not a mixture of these things: the sung sections of the Mass, electronic music, and theater? I came up with this idea sometime in 1998: to stage a theater production in the same vein. And to call it the Electronic Mass of Light in G-Major.

Nerisa’s Spoken Word Album

Anyway, checking my project logs, I realize I took the project on last June 15, 2003. And after numerous setbacks and delays in recording skeds, plus extreme lethargy and procrastination, i only submitted the tracks to her today. I produced 3 tracks: 2 spoken word over IDM type beats and 1 actual song which will be credited to Clone featuring Ria Mariano. That song “Moon in the Room” will be in the next CLONE album, (I got Nerisa’s go signal), as well as the “Harmonic Fire” tune I have yet to sequence. The nicest surprise is: I never expected to be paid for the project. I took it on knowing it was an independent, low-budget indie project. And finding out that I would be paid was the best part!