Gigging and Gothing About at Cubao-X

A full night of music and an Acid42 performance at the Cubao-X venue in Quezon City, Philippines: I actually tried something new tonight, and constructed a few on-the-spot loops for the event. Since the night was primarily a gathering of goths and goth-music lovers, I tried my hand at crafting some moody atmospheres on-the-fly. And some of it worked. When the rest of it was starting to suck, I had to start playing my pre-constructed slow songs. They were still a bit too hip-hoppish and funky for the goth crowd, I felt, but what the hey.

Japan Odyssey: Gigging with Grace Nono at the World Expo 2005

From April 5 to 9, 2005, I was in Nagoya, Japan, as keyboardist, laptop musician and backup singer for the Grace Nono and Bob Aves group. We performed for one hour at the Expo Dome, a 3,000-seater auditorium located within the 300-hectare World Expo 2005 Nagakute site, which just days before us, featured Alanis Morisette. And we rocked the house with a set featuring songs which mixed traditional Philippine tribal music with Western-flavored and electronic arrangements. Traditional + experimental = spiritual world music in ancient languages.

Playing at the Launch of “The MET”

The event was a success. On the basis of sheer attendance alone, not to mention the audience feedback. People loved the show, and they loved the idea even more. Apart from adding a few electronic touches (sound effects mostly) to the show, I took the stage at 10pm and played till midnight. A full straight 2 hours, which is a first for me.

Nerisa’s Spoken Word Album

Anyway, checking my project logs, I realize I took the project on last June 15, 2003. And after numerous setbacks and delays in recording skeds, plus extreme lethargy and procrastination, i only submitted the tracks to her today. I produced 3 tracks: 2 spoken word over IDM type beats and 1 actual song which will be credited to Clone featuring Ria Mariano. That song “Moon in the Room” will be in the next CLONE album, (I got Nerisa’s go signal), as well as the “Harmonic Fire” tune I have yet to sequence. The nicest surprise is: I never expected to be paid for the project. I took it on knowing it was an independent, low-budget indie project. And finding out that I would be paid was the best part!