Netlabelism Interviewed Me About QED Records

Netlabelism, the (online) Netlabel magazine, contacted me a month ago to ask if I wanted to be interviewed regarding QED Records. Of course I said yes! They were impressed with the sheer number of releases that my humble netlabel seemed to have and wanted some tips on how to effectively curate so much content. I was quite up front with them that the QED Records catalog number was deceiving since the very first release was qd-4200. So no, we did not have 4,200+ releases just a mere 72. Still, it was a chance for me to take a look at what I could’ve done better to promote and publicize QED Records music to the rest of the world. Read More

How to Start and Run a Netlabel

I’ve been looking for a good article on how to run a netlabel and couldn’t find one except for this wikihow article that seemed incomplete. That got me thinking: why create a whole new article? Why not contribute to the Wikihow article instead, and add on to the wisdom already presented there? So here you go, below is the most up-to-date edit of the wikihow article after I got through with it. Hope this helps anyone thinking about joining the netlabel world. Read More

Cult Of The Amateur and Netlabels: Mediocrity Will Kill Us

For those of us closely interested in the future of internet and culture in general, the book The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen (Random House) is riveting reading most of the way through. Keen tackles how the democratization of the Net is producing tons of crap on a daily basis and slowly killing off the production of meaningful art. Read More