Organizing Audio Files, Filenames and Templates

Booting up your computer and then starting up your recording software already takes time away from that idea you had for a killer tune. To make your songwriting and production process more efficient, you need to move away from choosing your instrument patches, effects settings, and mixer setups every time you boot your DAW. Here are three tips that might just allow the creativity to flow.


Songwriting Tips from 3 Influential New Wave Tracks

These three New Wave/New Romantic tracks from the 1980s influenced me and inspired me to create electronic music. While there are many more obvious choices I could have included (Depeche Mode, New Order, and Tears for Fears), these songs embody everything about electronica that appeals to me, even if the tracks themselves aren’t electronic.


Video for Emorej’s “Stars (Acid42 WorldMix)” and Pray for His Recovery

Emorej (aka Jerome Llama) took my lyrics and set it to a beautiful melody. I then took the vocal track and constructed a mournful worldbeat track with a little drum-n-bass in the chorus. This worldbeat/ethnotronica remix was produced using Acid Pro and some VSTi’s. I posted the track back in 2009. As I recall, Emorej loved it.