EP: Nykto: Original Soundtrack [qd-4245] (2007)

Acid42 - Nykto album cover

Nykto: Original Soundtrack is a series of tunes which were used for the soundtrack to a 12-minute independent short video of the same title, directed by Elvert dela Cruz Bañares, which in turn, was loosely based on a poem entitled “Darkness” by Arris Rivera. The music is a mix of ethnic and electronic, world and urban, dark and light melodies, silence and rhythm, meandering into hope and fulfillment, as eventually all darkness must pass.

The Creative Brief

I composed the music without having seen or known anything about the video except for a brief phrase: “darkness to light” and the instruction to listen to Peter Gabriel’s world music for inspiration. That was the entire creative brief.

Release Details

This EP also includes remixes by Bleedingboy|Soundtrack and Emorej, two more Philippine electronica producers and regular QED Records contributors.

Nykto: Original Soundtrack [qd-4245] was released on my netlabel, QED Records.

  • FILE UNDER: worldbeat, soundtrack, electronica, ethnotronica, less morose than Morricone, world-y like Peter Gabriel, more alive than Dead Can Dance.
  • DETAILS: 7 mp3s, encoded at CBR and VBR (192 kbps quality), 44.1 khz stereo. | Released: July 5, 2007.
  • DOWNLOADEntire EP as a ZIP FILE (24.3 MB)– from Archive.org.
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