EP: Behold the Teacher [qd-4236] (2006)

album cover of qd-4236 Acid42 - Behold the Teacher

[QD-4236] : ACID42 : Behold The Teacher (EP)

Behold the Teacher is simply this: six jump-up-and-attack dance tunes ranging from glitch-house to trance to good old techno, and inspired by teaching college students about sound editing and sound design. This one’s for the classroom of life. And dance. And education in the key of life.

Produced solely within Propellerheads Reason.

Released in October, 2006.


  • Album cover design by Paolo Lazatin. Contact him at paololazatin[at]gmail.com
  • FILE UNDER: techno, house, electro, dance, electronica
  • DETAILS: 6 MP3s, encoded at: 192 kbps. 44.1kHz stereo | Released: Sep 22, 2006.
  • DOWNLOAD: Download all files as a ZIP FILE (31.1 MB) – from Archive.org | Individual tracks below


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