Organizing Audio Files, Filenames and Templates

Booting up your computer and then starting up your recording software already takes time away from that idea you had for a killer tune. To make your songwriting and production process more efficient, you need to move away from choosing your instrument patches, effects settings, and mixer setups every time you boot your DAW. Here are three tips that might just allow the creativity to flow. Read More

How to Start and Run a Netlabel

I’ve been looking for a good article on how to run a netlabel and couldn’t find one except for this wikihow article that seemed incomplete. That got me thinking: why create a whole new article? Why not contribute to the Wikihow article instead, and add on to the wisdom already presented there? So here you go, below is the most up-to-date edit of the wikihow article after I got through with it. Hope this helps anyone thinking about joining the netlabel world. Read More