Album: Renovatio (2020)

Acid42 - Renovatio album cover

Here’s the latest ethnotronic worldbeat chillout album from my archives. Free to download. Use it as background music for creating the next generation of Quaran-teens or Coronials. Or use it as music to relax to. After all, there’s way too much anxiety already. Chill out, listen to music, make art, make music, make something of the time remaining. Cheers, and stay healthy.

About the Album

Renovatio is a collection of tracks made over the course of 3 years during moments when the kids were asleep, or had just gone to bed. During stolen moments when I could escape to the garage and work on music.

Renovatio is a collection of tracks that accumulated as life was lived and as such, are reminders that the journey is sometimes more important than the destination.

Why Release It Now?

With the world slowly grinding to a halt due to micro-organisms no one can see, the last thing people might need is another album of electronic tunes. But then again, with stay-at-home orders and families sheltering in place throughout the globe, the first thing people will need is art. And entertainment. You know, to stay sane.

So here we go.

This album was ready a year ago, and I’m not even sure why I sat on it for so long. Possibly a lack of motivation to actually promote it. Or a lack of urgency. It’s not a lack of belief in the value of the music therein, rather, it’s a feeling in my gut that it may be time to put “Acid42” as a brand on the shelf of archived personal projects. And better focus on my more grassroots/back-to-basics acoustic pop music efforts as “Lionel Zivan.” That remains to be seen.

About the Title

Renovatio is a Latin word — in keeping with the Latin words for the rest of my full-length albums.

The word means: renewal, renovation, rejuvenation, reclaiming. Because this album is a resurrection of my need to create music. It’s a return to ethnotronic roots and elements that express my Filipino culture alongside my reality as an American immigrant-turned-citizen.

At the same time, this album is my way of hoping for, and heralding, the coming period of rejuvenation — when the COVID-19 viruses finally give up and die out. Because one day, all this quarantining will finally end.

Free Download

As ever, the album is a free download over on Bandcamp. You’ll see it’s set as “Name your price,” which means you can set it to $0 if you want. Or you can pay what you want for it and it will go to supporting my future music endeavors. Many thanks for listening, whatever amount you input.

Download Renovatio for free on Bandcamp


All music composed, programmed, and performed by Lionel Zivan Valdellon (Acid42) using Propellerheads Reason.

Album cover photo by Jeff Nissen on Pexels.

File this music under: IDM, electronica, electronic, downtempo, chillout, worldbeat, ambient, electro, experimental

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