My Cover of Pure Shores by All Saints

Acid42 cover version of Pure Shores by All Saints

There are only a few songs I can sensibly place on repeat without getting so sick of it that I relegate it to the black list. “Pure Shores” by All Saints is one of them.

In my head, it’s the perfect combination of pop grooves plus music/lyrics that evoke the never-ending ebb and flow of both tranquility and longing.

Plus, it became the theme song of the Leo diCaprio movie from the mid ’90s based on Alex Garland’s novel, The Beach. The beach scenery in that movie was breathtaking. As an aside, I recently read the novel and was pleasantly surprised at how messed up the story was what with the druggies, the political maneuvering, the entitlement, the messy relationships. Like a millennial version of Lord of the Flies. Which is not exactly my memory of the movie.

Here is my vocal cover version of Pure Shores. All music and vocals performed by yours truly.

For fun, I Google cover versions of the song every six months or so, and have probably heard them all. So, I thought, “Why not make my own version and get it out of my system once and for all?” Perhaps now I can move on to other songs.

If you’re curious about the other cover versions (and remixes) to this great song that I’ve found… I put them together in a Youtube playlist. Check it out: “Pure Shores Overload.”


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