Track: Remix for Bukas Palad’s “All Shall Be Well”

Photo of Morning by Ivan on Flickr.

I’ve been combing through my archived CDRs for older material I’ve created but never actually released publicly. And this is one such example. It’s an inspirational pop tune by the Bukas Palad Music Ministry, a Catholic liturgical choir that I am an alumnus of.

Sometime around 2001 or so, I was called in to provide some acoustic guitar backing tracks for the song “All Shall Be Well,” which has always been one of my favorites. I loved the arrangement so much, I asked for the vocal stems (by singer Lalaine Laudico) as well as some of the instrumental stems to see if I could whip up a remix using Acid Pro. The result is a little world music, a little drum & bass, a little acid jazz. And all groovy.

Behind the Process

I used the vocal, guitar, and keyboard tracks almost unchanged. I don’t even remember if I added any effects to the vocals. The sequence of verses and chorus are practically the same as in the official release.

What I did was recorded some audio loops using my old keyboards, and then found and added tribal percussion loops to build up the rhythms for the song. I then assembled it on Sony’s Acid Pro software.

Probably one of my favorite Bukas Palad songs, it appeals to me because of its subtle Christian message and its profoundly faithful response to the chaos of life. That amidst hardship and hurt, we can have faith that the Father who made us will care for us.

Here’s what the original song sounds like — from a live performance in Skokie, Illinois in 2011, this time with lead vocal duties by none other than K.Sheerin Go, another member of Bukas Palad and one of the founding members of my live electronica group, Clone. She also sang on a release with e:Trinity called “Awit ng Lumayo” several years back on my netlabel, QED RECORDS.


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