Mixtape: Into the Tesseract of Work

Cover image of a large cube in space. Tesseract of Work

Here’s a mixtape (OK, fine, a playlist) on 8Tracks geared toward getting things done. It features Philippine musicians from the QED Records netlabel and goes from upbeat drum&bass to downtempo all the way to soulful house music.

I put it together based on mood. I wanted an energetic playlist that would keep me awake, and grooving in my seat while keeping me focused on the next to-do item. With the sheer number of “getting things done” playlists I’ve seen and heard on 8Tracks and Youtube, I figured, who better to assemble a real productivity-enhancing mix than a productivity blogger? (I’m talking about myself of course.)

Anyway, the tracks and artists are listed below, because 8Tracks won’t let you list them on the playlist page. (Boo! I hate that.) Happy listening. And go, get your stuff done! More mixtapes (err, playlists) to come!

The Track List

#. Artist – Track Title [genre]

01. Evo Evolver – “Light Years” [drum&bass]
02. Emorej – “Stars (Acid42 WorldMix)” [world, drum&bass]
03. morse – “one foot forward” [downtempo]
04. Spazzkid – “Candy Flavored Lips (P A T H R E M I X)” [downtempo]
05. Paosin The Well – “M-Theory (The Ghostly Parallels)” [dubstep]
06. Demolee – “The Grass is Greener (Unreleased)” [downtempo]
07. dwarfgoby – “Searchin (feat. Nadja Freeman)” [drum&bass]
08. Cardinal Zen – “Flux” [electro]
09. Jemex – “Palma (Acid42 BreaksMix)” [breaks]
10. Nights of Rizal – “Passport (Salamangkero Club Mix)” [house]
11. Bleedingboy Soundtrack – “Fields of Broken Glass” [IDM]
12. Nyko Maca – “Anak feat. Jonan Aguilar” [world, pop]
13. aljar3d – “Miner” [house]
14. Gebrüder Teichmann & Rubber Inc. feat. Caliph8 – “Transfer and Thoughts (2007)” [glitch hop]

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