I Have 28 Days to Record a New Album

Keyboard on an Empty Stage

Back in 2010, I joined a month-long music challenge: to produce and record an album within the 28 days of February. The result was my third full-length solo album, Experimentum Crucis, of which I am mighty proud.

Well, with my employment status being up in the air at the moment after a brief consulting stint at a tech startup (read: #jobsearch), I’ve decided to join the fray again this year and align myself with other crazed musicians squeezing their creativity out in a month of quick decisions and quick edits that we like to call the RPM Challenge 2013. Other people — of course — just call it crazy.

I spoke to some past RPM participants over Twitter and said in a soft, panicked voice, I have only 12 hours left to come up with a concept for my album! And the response was this:

Makes sense, I guess. Forget the high ideas until the body of work has been done. Just dive in and begin. Jump into it and record. Get the metronome ticking and put fingers to the keyboard and yes, rawk.

In 28 days, I’ll have another body of freshly minted work for you to download. Stay tuned while I think of some creative tactics that might help me get through this endeavour.


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