Acid42 – Quattuor In Pavimentum EP (2012)

Acid42's latest house music album download

Looking for a house music album download? Haven’t danced in a while and itching for something to groove to? Then this one’s for you. Presenting my fourth full-length studio album entitled QUATTUOR IN PAVIMENTUM, which is latin for “four on the floor.”

About Quattuor In Pavimentum

This album is built for dancing. All six tracks are house music tunes with the trademark four-to-the-floor kick drums, but on top of the beats you’ll find: symphonic strings, melodramatic melodies, ethnic vocal chants, robotic voices, electro boogaloo, and all sorts of acid jazz elements that make me feel all tingly inside.

It’s “Pay what you can,” so pay whatever amount you want for it. Or if you’re broke, get it for free now and come back another day when your paycheck rolls in. As one friend pointed out, it’s “Buy now, pay later.” I want you to download it and I don’t want a dollar amount to stop you from enjoying the music. So help yourself!

What does it sound like? Kinda like Beats Antique, Jazzanova and Deep Forest getting together as a supergroup to make disco music in a tropical jungle using musical phrases by Orbital and Propellerheads Reason running on BT’s stolen laptop.

Cover image is courtesy of John Lester on Flickr.

I’d love to get your feedback on the album if you have the time. Hit the comments below and tell me what you think.

Download QUATTUOR IN PAVIMENTUM for free from Bandcamp.


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