New Track + Video: Severe and Multiply (Acid42 Remix)

Fractal image generated by computers

Here’s a glitchy, noisy, drum & bass remix I made for a track by artist and former University of the Philippines art professor, Fatima Lasay.

The remix takes the original track and slices it into many more more chaotic pieces, adding drums and an overt rhythm section where once there was none. How I did it, follows.

The Original Track

The original “Severe and Multiply” track (listen to it here) was a short, one-minute composition created by running an algorithm on a computer program, and featured an abstract piano progression that steadily became more chaotic.

Check out Fatima’s other tracks and musical experiments:
Also, check out her latest art form: crochet:

The Music Video

Since the original track relied heavily on mutations and notes created by a computer following a set of strict rules, I figured the best way to visualize it for the video is to find some interesting fractal designs that evolve. A quick search on delivered this: Fractal Revolution. I edited the video slightly, simply cutting to rhythmic sections and speeding up and slowing down where needed. The result is reminiscent of early Winamp visualizations. Mesmerizing stuff. Like a Salvador Dali painting brought to life.

Here’s to making music with computers!


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