QED Records Releases our Clone Album 6 Years Later

Clone taking a break after the Brazil Brazil gig

I just released an intrumental downtempo album from my electronic duo CLONE, which was recorded in 2004 and lost in the archives till now. The album is entitled CLONE – Live at Brazil Brazil [qd-4261] and is 1.25 hours of impromptu downtempo music created on the fly, and which mixes bossanova rhythms with electro, acid jazz and sampladelica. The entire album can be downloaded for free by joining or “liking” QED Records’ Facebook page. (http://www.facebook.com/qedrecords) below and is released as a celebration of QED Records’ 6th year of existence.

If you want to read the entire (humorous) story about the gig and how an artistic aunt defended our futurejazz music, head on over to my personal blog Lionelsewhere, where my 2004 entry actually says I planned on releasing the tracks to the public via a netlabel. Well that finally came to pass … 6 years later… And to that I say: better late than never!

Clone – Live at Brazil Brazil [qd-4261] PROMO from QED Records on Vimeo.

Clone, for those who may not know, is my electronica group — sometimes a duo with Karlo Samson (One Lone Clone), and sometimes a trio with a vocalist Ria Mariano or K.Sheerin Castillo-Go, or with drummer Andre Quimpo.

Download the zip file containing the album from Mediafire.



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