Remix: My Parasol – Spacetalk (Acid42 GritMix)

My Parasol performing live

This is my remix of a lovely tune entitled “Spacetalk” by the duo My Parasol, (one half of which is Mark Redito, FKA Spazzkid). I slowed it down to 100 BPM, and added a whole bunch of dirty, gritty drum loops, distortion, and a few softsynths for bass, electric piano, and organ pad.

By upgrading to Acid Pro 7.0 and reigniting an interest in the software that got me into this entire electronic music making about 9 years ago, I’ve actually found a second wind. Ideas are popping up everywhere again. Nothing like a fresh set of tools when you feel like your old tools have become stale.

Remixing this was a joy. The semi-laughing vocals did bring to mind a famous duet. If you’ve ever heard the bossanova classic “Aguas de Marco” (Waters of March) by Elis Regina and Tom Jobim (circa 1974?), you know what I’m talking about. In the middle of the song, Regina starts giggling while singing, turning what is already a playful song into a pure expression of joy.

Check out “Aguas de Marco” below:

My Parasol on Bandcamp
My Parasol on Tumblr


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