How to Use Propellerheads Reason for Live Gigs

Reason software . Photo by Yoppy

How do you use your laptop to perform? What software do you use? What are you actually doing up there on your laptop– checking your email? The questions are the same. And they’ve been growing, especially on the Electronica Manila mailing list that I am active on. So back in 2005, I set out to write a rough guide on how I personally use Propellerheads Reason software for live gigs, in the hopes of shedding light on this most elusive topic: how do electronic musicians rock out on a laptop and MIDI controller?

The rough guide was originally a PDF document outlining 3 major ways to view the software and included practical tips on setup and personalization for the laptop musician.

I recently decided to update the guide and turn it into a slideshow (posted on SlideShare) for ease of reading and for possible presentation’s sake. Take note however that the tips are based on Reason circa version 3.0 and haven’t been updated for the latest iteration of the software.

Here you go. Happy music making!


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