Track: Appy Polly Logies

.Happy Polly Loggies. Photo by Rafaela on Flickr

Here’s a short, jittery, glitchy Latin-fused house music track that screams carnaval and mardis gras using some repetitive phrases and bouncing bass alongside a distorted drum break.

The title comes from a line in William Burgess’ brutal novel (which was turned into a movie) A Clockwork Orange, meant as a slang way of saying “apologies.”

Dance to the beat of the Clockwork Orange, Julius.

The track hasn’t been in any of my past releases. I tend to forget which ones have been included in albums and which haven’t. Which only means I better create a spreadsheet that tracks all the music I’ve produced. Or else things might fall through the cracks.

This track will probably be in the next album. Whenever that appears.

Download this track for free from Soundcloud.

Photo credits: .Happy Polly Loggies by Raffaela on Flickr.


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