Manifesto of a Christian Electronica Musician

Angel musicians from the right panel of the altarpiece of the Seven Joys of the Virgin

1. Each of us is being called to serve in his or her capacity. Which means I’m not being asked to give up my knowledge and skill in producing electronic music in favor of more traditional pop- and folk-styled praise music. Rather, I am being called to use what I have and what I know in the service of the Kingdom.

This means what?

2. I must make a more conscious, focused effort in songwriting and song composition. A single solid direction and objective. Music not merely for sonic pleasure or merely for dancing, but music composed to touch souls. Music meant to uplift, to transcend, to inspire. Music that leads to God.

3. This change starts today. This change starts with me.

MUST RESEARCH : Is there such a thing as Christian Electronica?

See, this is how ignorant I have been. Did a Google search for Christian techno and found a kaboodle of artists. Sadly, there are no entries under the search items “Catholic techno.” Ah, how behind the times us Catholics are! Anyway… The nice thing is that there is such a genre as christian techno.

Will start looking for these artists mentioned. Must find out how their music is used. Whether it’s merely for listening, or whether people actually lead praise and worship using electronic music.

So the previous post shows me thinking about stuff. And I’ve just realized I’ve never been this overt in talking about my faith before. I’ve never really stood up and said aloud what I believe in my heart. I guess things are starting to change.


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