Manila Times Reviews Mutatis Mutandis

Album cover for Mutatis Mutandis by Acid42

Publication Date: January 06, 2004

Writer Karl DeMesa reviews Mutatis Mutandis in the national newspaper, The Manila Times, and has glowing and precise comments about the album. An excerpt:

In any case, this album of 15 tracks wanders through a musical labyrinth andthrough enough emotions that you feel blissfully exhausted, like the aftermath of a rollercoaster ride. There is everything here from soothing chill-out (“Beach,”“Saklolo”), groovy downtempo (“Rancho Cucamonga”), snappy bossanova(“Bossa Me Around”), avant garde ambient experiments with sound samples of gulls, crashing waves and the air in conch shells (“Human Sign”), a ballad thatcould very well take the cake in the Katha Awards (“My Silent Song is You”), torousing mandala fusions of classical and house (“Onionlife” my personalfavorite). There is never a dull moment on this album and nearly everything isobsessively, masterfully orchestrated. You can still hear happy surprises of drop-in riffs and musical Easter eggs even after several listens, serving toheighten an already enjoyable trip.

All in all though Acid 42’s Mutatis Mutandis is an accessible and enjoyable musical odyssey that can serve not only as a great introduction to electronica but also as a way to elevate the genre in the local scene. It is competent enough for that.

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